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String Groove

Teaches String Players how to Improvise, play rock jazz fiddle and more...

About String Groove

String Groove Book with CD

String Groove teaches Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fiddle and Improvisation to String Players

String Groove ® is a method created by violinist Edgar Gabriel to teach improvisation and alternative styles to string players. String Groove instructs with a method book, with CD, workshops, courses, contests, string ensembles and now the new String Groove App for Apple iPad. 

String Groove App for iPad!


String Groove Ensembles are for string students, teachers and professionals who would like to add new (eclectic styles) material to their repertoire. Improvisation sections are included in many of the pieces,  however, they can also be performed without improvisation. For more information, audio/video and to download scores of String Groove ensembles see below. The ensembles are only available through the EGI Store.  


Watch! Elmhurst College Performs with Edgar "La Cuerda Caliente"


New String Groove animated video!

Edgar's Ted Talk "Improvisation for a Better Future"

What can you do that a computer can't? Improvise! Improvisation is productive, spontaneous play that can be utilized in any discipline. In his talk, Edgar Gabriel encourages us to consider a better future with free-thinking ideas and innovations -- all spurred by improvisation.

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String Groove

732 S. Chestnut Ave., Arlington Heights, IL 60005, US

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