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About the Book String Groove Ideas for Improvising

The book with CD “String Groove, Ideas For Improvising” is available for violin, viola and cello. Since its publication in 2001, it has become widely recognized and is currently being used by students and teachers around the globe. This book and CD of 12 original tunes are in the styles of: Irish Fiddle, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Blues, Rock, Middle-Eastern, Old-time Fiddle, Salsa, Heavy-Metal, Cajun Fiddle, Rock Blues, Swing Jazz, and Funk. Both the string student and the professional musician can greatly benefit from this system. It works on two levels of complexity. While it is designed for beginners of improvisation, students must be proficient on their instrument to improvise successfully. Full comprehension of first position on a stringed instrument is required for String Groove's most basic level (Suzuki Book 3 or equivalent). The advanced material may require upper positions and a higher level of technique if the students wish to challenge themselves. String Groove can work for non-stringed instruments such as flute. String teachers will find String Groove ® to be a valuable teaching resource. The book includes instructions and theory to help you perform and improvise in these styles. Relevant background and music history is contained throughout the book. There is also a section about microphones and electronic instruments. String Groove's mascot Mr. Groove, or Mr. G for short, helps you throughout the book to not take improvisation too seriously.

The CD

A CD comes with each book and the audio tracks are essential to the method. The audio tracks are now also available to sample for free or purchase on CdBaby and iTunes. 

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The String Groove book with CD is available from the EGI Store,, Shar Music, JW Pepper and more. The Cd alone is now available for download streaming and purchase. 

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